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Check out W2EP, Capt. Paul's  "Look Out" A Hawk watches over from his Voyager DX

Hi guys;
Great to see you again at Hamcation.  Attached to prove it!
Rod Cavin

Orlando Hamcation 2010 by Rod Cavin-W4VBK


Here is KB8VAO's Titan

Here is KC7FPF's Challenger DX

Check out W1LXA's 40 Meter MonoGAP


M3UXJ's Titan DX

my antenna is mounted 12 ft above the ground at the rear of my garage and as I am an m3 station my power is just 10 watts

my equipment is the GAP Titan DX plus an Icom 7400 with the Heil hm10 duel element microphone

my titan has got me into the states brazil Japan Australia to name just a few a great antenna and stands up to the 80 mph winds we get in the north of England great and its free standing

regards Gary M3UXJ Middlesbrough England


KD8GCM's Challenger DX

Chris here is a testimonial on my Challenger antenna. Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work

January 12,2008
To whom it may concern,

I have installed a Challenger antenna. The antenna was real easy to assemble. I put the antenna together in about 3 hrs. The instructions are excellent on how to build the antenna. I installed the antenna on my garage roof on a 5 ft. tripod. I do have the antenna guyed down. As you can see I put nylon rope on the bottom of the guy wires for shock cords. The antenna has been up for 5 months and has survived wind gusts of 54 mph. Chris advised me that I might have to add on to the counterpoise due to mounting the antenna on the garage roof. When I checked the SWR it was high on all bands. I added 10' of wire onto each counterpoise wires. After cutting the extra wire down to 6 1/2 ft the SWR was 1:1.1 across all the bands. I have worked 5 countries on a 100 watts so far. I have been receiving excellent reports on how the antenna is doing on 80 to 2 meters.
The attached photos shows the antenna up close and how the antenna is mounted.
Rick Landess

N5LYG's Titan DX

Here's a picture of the Titan we used during the 2007 IOTA contest (NA-092).  The Titan worked flawlessly!  This is the second IOTA contest with this antenna.  We will use no other antenna!  Saltwater and the Titan, what a team.
Bill Rimmer, N5LYG
EC Northwest Harris County ARES

AD5MD's Titan DX



AD5MD's Comments


W4SMK's Challenger DX After Hurricane Charley

W4SMK's Challenger DX After Hurricane Charley



Here is DG2RSF's Eagle DX

My EAGLE works now about 5 weeks pretty fine. I mounted it in  only 5hours.

The SWR is less than 1:1.3 about 5 Bands and on 15m Band the SWR is less than

1:1,5. So I can switch the band without tuning. (from the beginning to the end of the band).

I got good rapports and I am worked 5 Continents on the first two days I am operating.


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SM4IED's Voyager DX
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W5SVX's Eagle DX
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WU0V's Challenger DX

KC8SEV's Titan DX
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W1GTA's Titan DX
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N4PSY's Restored Challenger VI, before and after.  Click here to read the story that goes along with these pictures.





From: "Brian M. Collins"

To: <gap@gapantenna.com>

Subject: My New Titan DX

Date sent: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 04:39:04 -0400

Good Folks @ GAP:

I got my Titan DX up a few weeks ago. Assembly was very, very easy. I

have logged SSB contacts all over North America and Canada on less than

100W. In fact, my first QSO on the Titan was with N8MDP, also running a

Titan DX!

I have had nothing but good reports on readability and signal strength.

Looking for forward to many, many good times with this fantastic antenna.

Attached is a photo of the installed Titan DX, up on a pole to conserve

yard space, and guyed.

Thank you, thank you, thank your for this GREAT product. I am spreading

the good news about GAP antennas wherever I go.



From: "Hayden, Bertie"

To: 'gap@gapantenna.com'

Subject: Eagle DX

Date sent: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 10:47:41 +0100

Morning to you all.

Here are a picture of my installation of Eagle DX Antenna. You can put it

on your gallery. It works great. Worked a lot of DX. Tanks


Bertie Hayden


Date sent: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:20:52 -0500

To: gap@gapantenna.com

From: Clif Reed

Subject: Eagle

Dear George,

Here is the picture of my Eagle.


Clif Reed K6D0/ZL1BR

AD3P's Challenger DX with a coating of ultra flat camouflage olive drab paint.

Date sent: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 09:12:51 +0200

From: Roger Willems

To: gap@gapantenna.com

Subject: Storm at qth pa1zz

Have a look at these pictures!

Last week we have had a terrible storm that broke an healthy oak tree in

very close at the front side off our house (Picture with the read kids

play ground shows the backside). I have not guided the Titan dx and as

you can see its well exposed to the wind. During that storm I have seen

the antenna making freighting bends but it still works as great as before




Maastricht , The Netherlands


Date sent: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 20:52:27 -0400

From: Frank Coffey

To: gap@gapantenna.com

Subject: My Titan DX

First contact was 40 meters to New Brunswick Canada and the second was 20

meters to a ham in Bogota Columbia. Works great!! Frank N4MFF Knoxville,


I am very happy with my GAP Titan DX on my small city lot.

I send the picture of my fine GAP Challenger DX......
I love this antenna!!!!

Paolo Emanuelli IK1QHB

k9jqg_chall_1.jpg (38481 bytes)
K9SQG's Challenger asks "Are the hunters gone?  Is it safe to come out?" 
k9jqg_chall_2.jpg (34286 bytes)

k9jqg_chall_3.jpg (23098 bytes)
Got tape and some rope? 
(We do not recommend you mount your antenna this way)

k7nm_challenger.gif (14878 bytes)
K7NM's Challenger and two phased 20 meter phased array.

w9pto_titan.jpg (18178 bytes)
Ed Elrods', W9PTO/VP2MBO, Titan DX

kg6fcj_chall.jpg (15261 bytes)
Dear Sirs;
I installed the Challenger DX antenna at my house in Bishop, CA (93514)
It was not too hard to assemble due to your step by step manual.  It works great!
Enclosed is a photo of it.
Thanks again!

Val Cameron

nn7l_titan.jpg (126546 bytes)

From: Jason Fallon 

To: gap@gapantenna.com

Subject: Gap Titan

Date sent: Tue, 22 May 2001 15:34:10 -0700

I am very pleased with the quality and performance of my new Gap Titan

vertical. The assembly was trouble-free and the bandwidth is exceptional.

It is very quiet and signal reports have been surprisingly favorable.

The Titan has a good bang for the buck - keep up the good work!

Thank you,

Jason, NN7L


From: KB4EXY
Date sent: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 00:14:00 EST
Subject: Mobil home installation pic, Titan DX de KB4EXY
To: gap@gapantenna.com

I installed this antenna two years ago with excellent results. I also
call my home a Faraday box hi. I have not seen this type installation in
your installation examples. The mount is 2 2x6 treated with 6" lag bolts
into 3 studs there are structural walls at right angles inside. I used 4'+
vertical spacing on these mounts. I use no guys and it has survived wind
gusts up to 50 mph.

From: Dan
To: gap@gapantenna.com
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 8:24 PM
Subject: GAP Challenger

If you worked us during the 2000/1999/1998 CQWW phone contest it may
have been on my GAP. From the picture you can tell that it was a little
breezy that day. Wind in the range of 160km per hour can play havoc with
any antenna! The south coast of Labrador can be a nasty spot in late
October, or any time of the year for that matter. But what the heck,Zone 2
doesn't get any better than this!

The Challenger work well on all bands and was used as a back up to the
mono-banders and wires. It actually heard better (at times) than the full
size wire for 160 meters that was hung off of the Pointe Amour Lighthouse
at 109 feet. Of course depending on the time of day and conditions etc. it
was interesting to make comparisons with the full size wires or
mono-banders. For the most part I was delighted with my GAP. It always
heard well and some times even heard better as well as got out better.

I played with 12 and 17 meters with good results before the contest
started. It was nice to work lots of stations for a new one on the WARC
bands with just 80 watts. From my experience I would have to say that I am
most pleased with the results on 40 meters. Working VK's and ZL's barefoot
was a blast! For me the GAP is a "Great Antenna!"

Dan Goodwin VO1MX VO2ZZ



From: "Sean Howe"
To: <gap@gapantenna.com>
Subject: Titan DX pic for web site.
Date sent: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 17:10:22 -0500


Here is a pic of my Titan DX.... I love this antenna thanks for the
quality design....

Sean Howe
Riverton, IL


From: "regtruman"
To: "Gap Antenna" <gap@gapantenna.com>
Subject: Eagle
Date sent: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 13:19:20 +1300


Dear Sirs, I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the
performance of my GAP EAGLE that I got from you in 1999. It has
done everything required of it& I have worked numerous dx stations
on all the bands it is designed for it without any tuner.
Thanks for a very fine product. I am enclosing a photo of my Eagle in
Reg Truman ZL1UZ 73.

Date sent: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 13:00:32 -0600
From: Ken Lambert
To: gap@gapantenna.com
Subject: Photo attached

I sent you an e-mail about my installation experience. Attached is a
photo of my Titan DX, located in my back yard. If you care to post this
on your web site, feel free to do so. I did use three rope guy wires as
we have strong winds, constantly, here in the Rio Grande Valley of South

I am getting great signal reports on the GAP Titan DX.

Ken Lambert

Date sent: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 21:28:22 -0700
From: Jack
To: gap@gapantenna.com
Subject: Pictures

ATTN: Chris:

Attached are three pictures of the (I think) neat installation of my
Titan DX on my manufactured home. It's obviously on the south side as
you can see from the satellite dish (grin). Note the proximity of the
Titan to the TV antenna. Above the TV antenna on the same mast is my
Cushcraft AR270 for 2 meters and 440. Surprisingly enough, I have seen
absolutely NO interaction between the Titan and any of the other
antennas despite their closeness. No TVI, no herringbones and
especially no complaints from the neighbors! I don't know if I
mentioned that the radio is Yaesu FT840, running 100 watts max on 80
through 10. The other radio is a Yaesu FT8500 - 50 watts max on 2 and
35 of 440. Of course we have mountains here with repeaters - our main
system is at about 3600 ft and the other two are at about 3000 ft.
They're north of us. I remember when I lived in Melbourne back in the
50's and early 60's. Seems we were lucky if we got from Melbourne to
Cocoa on 2 meter AM!

The Titan is performing just great. Worked a special event station in
Japan yesterday on 15 meters (8N2000).
Hope the pix are good enough for you to use on the website. One doesn't
show much of the antenna, but shows how we guyed it. The guy anchor
goes down about 18" into concrete that we poured 8" in diameter.
I painted the anchor OSHA yellow and also striped the guy rope so
hopefully nobody will walk into it. There shouldn't be anyone back
there anyway....

I think I mentioned that I used to live in Melbourne, almost where the
railroad crosses Babcock street just east and a little north of the
airport. I don't know whether Ted Woodbury of TEDCO Electronics is
still around, but he gave me my first exam when I got my novice and tech
ticket back in about 1962.

Enjoy - if I can help you an any way to spread the good word, please let
me know!



Here are a couple more (and better) pictures of my Titan DX installed at
the rear of my manufactured home. You may notice in the background my
Cushcraft AR270 and a TV antenna. There's less than 12 ft. between the
Titan and the other antennas. Running my Yaesu FT840 barefoot there has
been absolutely NO TVI or interference of any kind. So far with my 100
watts I've logged many Canadians, the whole East coast of the US, Korea,
Russia, Austria, Cuba, Japan, Mexico and a lot of 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's,
7's. 8's, 9's and 0's. The Titan is doing a fantastic job. I'm using
mostly 20, 15 and 17 meters. Actually, one of my friends (WD6EXV) was
so impressed that he's planning on ordering a Titan DX.

Keep up the good work, guys!




OY4TN's Titan DXOY4TN's Titan DX


From: "ROBERT"
Copies to: <gap@gapantenna.com>
Date sent: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 03:16:45 -0400

It just don't get "no" better than this!!

R. G. Landreth (AC4XM)

From: Christian
To: <gap@gapantenna.com>
Date sent: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 17:29:04 +0100

Hello from Germany!

I supported Arnold, DL2MFL when he built up this easy vertical with
great performance.
There are now 3 HAMs in our local amateur radio club in DACHAU. Be sure
I will be
# 4 pretty soon.

vy 73 es mny tks for the great job

DL2MDU, Chris


From: Kb9nmr
Date sent: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 23:09:16 EDT
Subject: Gap Titan DX
To: gap@gapantenna.com

I ordered the Gap Titan DX as my first HF Antenna and I am very pleased
its performance. It took just about 3 hrs to get it up and running the SWR
was great. I have enclosed as an attachment a picture of the antenna at my
QTH in Franklin Indiana and would like for you to post it on your web site
photo gallery...Thanks GAP KB9NMR

DH1NK's Titan DX

DH1NK's Titan DX

CT2DJK's Titan DX CT2DJK and his stationCT2DJK's Titan DX

CT2DJK's Titan Dx and Station

DF1JAP's Titan DX

DF1JAP's Titan DX

KA4BXY's Titan DXKA4BXY's Titan DX

KA4BXY's Titan DX

W3FL's GAP's W3FL's Voyager, hung from a tree A Voyager Hung From A Tree? Well W3FL Has Done It!

Do GAP's Really Work?    W3FL thinks so, he has a Titan as well!

Harvey Mitchell's Voyager DX

K5YU and N5TGZ's Voyager DX

From: "Harvey Mitchell" To: Subject: GAP Titan in Nicaragua Date sent: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:27:29 -0600 George, Rich, Chris, et al, Here's a couple of pic's of te Titan. Over 1300 QSO's so far. Thanks again!! Harvey Mitchell, YN6HM (K5YU)From: "Harvey Mitchell" To: Subject: GAP IN NICARAGUA - CONTINUED Date sent: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 18:59:15 -0600 CHRIS, EAT YOUR HEART OUT OLD BUDDY, NOW OVER 2300 QSO'S. DID I MENTION THAT I LOVE MY TITAN? TELL RICH & GEORGE HOWDY FOR ME. 73, HARV YN6HM

Harvey Mitchell, YN6HM (K5TU)'s Titan in Nicaragua

N0JPV's Challenger DX

N0JPV's Challenger DX

David Green's Titan DXWife Kim and Baby Tim with David Green's Titan DX

Hans - DL3MBE's Challenger DX

From: "SCHARFEN Hans Jürgen" Subject: Re your postcard Date sent: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 20:13:50 +0100 Dear Rich, thanks for your postcard. Here a picture from my Challenger. Many regards from Bavarian. Hans-DL3MBE


Date sent: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 10:58:40 -0500 From: John F Hevener To: gap@gapantenna.com Subject: Titan DX Att: Rick.. I sent some pictures of the installation of the Titan DX antenna. Hope you get them OK The antenna is working better than I expected, in fact Sometimes better than a beam. The SWR is acceptable on all bands and great on some. 73's John Hevener W4TIA

W9ACF's TitanW9ACF's TitanW9ACF's Titan DX

Voyager DX of W0UI

N8EFP's Titan DXN8EFP's Titan DX Pic. 2

N8EFP's Titan DX

KB0YTK's Titan Antenna

KB0YTK's Titan Antenna

W4KFK's Titan DX

Would You Believe A Challenger Mobile?

Neither Did We, Until KF6PZG Sent Us These Pictures Of His Setup!!!

KF6PZG's ChallengerKF6PZG's ChallengerKF6PZG's Challenger

KF6PZG's Challenger DX

Phased Mono-GAPS

WA6PJR's Mono 20 meter GAP Antennas

How Many of WA6PJR's 20 Meter Mono-GAP Antennas Do You See? And The Phase Box?

Click Here For The Answer

One of WA6PJR's 20 Meter Mono-GAP's

N1PEA's Titan after an ice storm.

Vic Romaszewski's Titan DX Vic Romaszewski's Titan DXVic Romaszewski

Vic Romaszewski's Titan DX

Titan of W4RIO

W4RIO's Titan DX

More Pictures to come!

If you have a picture of your GAP Antenna, please send it to us via or through the post office so we can post it here for all to see.


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