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  HEAR IT Speaker MK3
The MK3 has a new rotary filter control knob on the rear of the speaker that replaces the DIP switches that were on the MKII. 

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“Improved clarity, absence of noise , greater readability, better sounding , easier to understand,
higher signal to noise ratio ...call it what you want .  The bottom line is this little speaker, with it’s built in, state of the art Digital Signal Processing is going to significantly improve what you hear.  It doesn’t matter if you are running a newer, more expensive rig or that trusty old boat anchor.  Plug this speaker into your audio jack and you will hear a difference.”

The HEAR IT SPEAKER’s fully adaptive, active, DSP, removes unwanted background  noise from your radio’s audio output.  This makes it easier, for you to hear,  what you want to listen to.  While the HEAR IT SPEAKER may look like an ordinary speaker from the front, the back and top will reveal it’s true potential.  Offering such features as user selectable levels of noise cancellation, an input sensitivity control, a bi-color activation LED, and a processing technology so advanced, that even the processed audio coming from the latest transceivers, is further improved upon when run through a HEAR IT SPEAKER.  Imagine what it can do for you,  your transceiver and your desire to improve the intelligibility and clarity of your audio.


Fully Adaptive Noise Canceling to greatly
  improve your signal to noise ratio.
Noise Cancellation  typically 9-35 dB
8 User Selectable Noise Canceling Levels
 NEW easy to use Rotary Filter Knob
Bi-Color Activation LED to indicate power
 drain and  noise canceling  activation
On/Off Noise Canceling Switch
Input Sensitivity Control
Adjustable Mounting Bracket for easy installation
6’ Audio Input Lead
4  Fused Power Lead
Earphone Jack with noise cancellation


  Weight  < 1 pound  
  Dimensions w/ bracket - w 5.25” h 3” d 2.25”
  12-28V dc operation




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