The HEAR IT INLINE MODULE will greatly improve the clarity and intelligibility of speech in a variety of radio communication applications. It is suitable for use with amateur radio equipment, scanning receivers, CB radio, two-way radio, headsets, marine communications, taxi base stations, hands-free car kits, processing of audio tapes and signals, pre-processing for voice control applications.

The HEAR IT INLINE MODULE Noise Eliminating In-line Module incorporates the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to remove unwanted background noise and interference from speech, enabling you to concentrate and listen .....
”Stress Free”

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Noise Attenuation - 9-35dB
Levels of User Selectable Processing  - 8 
Input Sensitivity Control Knob  
Audio Input Power - 5W  rms 
Audio Output Power - 3W  rms max 
8 ohms  
Audio Jacks In/Out  -  3.5mm Mono & RCA Phono  
Headphone Socket Delivering DSP Processed Audio 
DC Power Requirement - 12-24V DC 500 mA  
Size: 6.75 x 3.325 x 1.375 inches Weight: 1 pound  
Typical Applications:

Citizen Band Radio
Amateur Radio
Taxi Base Stations
Marine Communications
Telephone Extension Speakers
Car and Truck Fleets
Emergency Vehicles
Military and Covert communications
Audio recording restoration/cleaning

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Now with an extra 20% audio output and new filter control knob!