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This audio was recorded by Tony Dolby, F5VBY/G3TZH in France of a conversation he had with Chris, VK5CC in Australia and Jim, ZL1BOS in New Zealand.  Jim is the first contact you will hear running a six element beam, and the second being Chris using his GAP Challenger DX. 

From: "Tony Dolby" 


To: "George Henf" <>

Subject: GAP Performance!

Date sent: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 11:24:33 +0200

Hi George & Rich - You may remember that I sent you an E-mail last year

with a recording of Chris VK5CC using one of your antennas compared with

ZL1BOS using a large yagi array. You mentioned at the time that you would

appreciate a longer recording for possible use and I have attached one

which I hope suits you.

Both Chris (VK5CC & Jim (ZL1BOS) have agreed to me sending this to you and

they were quite impressed when I retransmitted it to them. Details of the

recording are:-

Digitally recorded using a Pentium System in .WAV format and Cool Edit

Pro software, format is 11,025Hz in 8 bit Mono.

Frequency was 14.188MHz on Sunday 22-04-2001 at 0900UTC

Station recording was Kenwood TS940SAT with Home Brew Amp. using single

4CX1000A in AB1, Antenna is 4 element wide spaced yagi 160ft above ground.

Would be interested to know if it is of use this time and if I have

provided enough details............

Many regards Tony (F5VBY/G3TZH)


More Audio to come!

If you have recorded any audio while using your GAP Antenna, please send it to us via   so we can post it here for all to hear.

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