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HEAR IT Noise Canceling Products
We are taking orders using PayPal Secure Payments for our antennas and HEAR IT DSP Noise Cancelling Products.  This allows you to use your PayPal account or if you do not wish to use PayPal to place your order, you can use your credit card without having to have a PayPal account. All Products are shipped via UPS only and we only ship to a confirmed address in the continental USA.  For orders to be shipped outside of the continental USA,  please call us at (772) 571-9922, Fax us at (772) 571-9988, or email us at for a shipping quote.  Please make sure your confirmed address is a physical address because UPS can not deliver to P.O. Boxes. 
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Eagle DX only $399.95

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Additional Options

Challenger Counterpoise Assembly $39.95


Voyager Counterpoise Assembly $75.95

160 Meter center frequency
Voyager DX Only $485.95
75/80 Meter center frequency
Challenger DX only $369.95
75/80 Meter center frequency
Titan DX only $429.95
Quick-Tilt Ground Mount only $96.95
100FT Guy Kit Only $19.95

200FT Guy Kit Only $29.95

HEAR IT Speaker Only $169.00
HEAR IT Inline Module Only $219.00

HEAR IT Amplified Noise Eliminating Module Only $189.00
HEAR IT Amplified-KBD Module Only $169.00
Mono GAP's
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HEAR IT DSPKR Only $199.00

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HEAR IT Non-Amp PCB DSP Module Only $139.00
350FT Spool 3/16" Dacron Rope $49.95
HEAR IT Desktop  Only $239.00 Now 10 Watts!
HEAR IT Dual Inline Module   Only $329.00